Personnel and Bio
Adrian Sherwood Bass and Vocals
Adrian worked his musical apprenticeship touring the working mens' clubs up and down the country with a Shadows tribute band (before tribute bands were known as tribute bands!) and supported such diverse artists as Showaddywaddy and Blaster Bates 
Adrian is the youngest and most sensible of the Band members.  He plays Bass just like a real Bass player. Adrian has written a couple of new songs that the Band are working on right now to record.
Interesting fact
He once dressed as a pregnant woman to represent fertility in a Mummers Play .
All photographic evidence has been collected and burnt.
Chris Love
Chris has been playing  erm, 'quite a long time' ( in his own words)
Spent some time covering the usual bases of summer season, panto & cruise ships  
More recently played in a big band and a modern jazz quartet for about twenty years.
On  moving to Chesterfield he decided that a new direction was required and after a few false starts found HCBB. He'll tell you a very funny story about the time he frightened some lions in a circus.
He owns three drum kits and fourteen snare drums which, for some reason, the other band members find most amusing.

Interesting fact
Chris spends much of his time shopping Tesco's
Peter Buxton    Rhythm guitar, Harp , Vocals
 Peter spent many years playing in Bands on the South Coast before  moving back to the part of the world he grew up in. At the same time he has returned to his first love in music - namely the Blues & set about getting  a Band together for the pure enjoyment of playing.
Born in the fifties, he has wide ranging influences on his music, from Elvis to Joe Bonamassa. Peter plays rhythm guitar, harp and sometimes sings on cue.  He writes material for the Band and future plans include  studio sessions with an album release late in 2016.
Interesting fact
In the Bond Film the Spy who Loved me, Peter was not one of the  Extras 
 who bounced off trampolines during the Submarine Pen scene.
Rob Bradley     Lead guitar

 For 48 years, music has always been at the heart of Robs' interests and he has been extremely fortunate in making 2 friends in the Industry, as well as hoping to perform with some of the best musicians in the area. 
However, he joined the Catz just last year.
 I expect I'll carry on playing as long as audiences continue to listen and while I can still manage to operate the Stannah amp lift, to get gear in & out of the car.

Interesting Fact -
Rob was a gifted stand-up comedian and could have had a career in show business. Luckily for us his jokes have lived on. Relentlessly.